Streaming secret of Mana Part2

While millions of European Diablo III owners tried to login into to no avail, Mave and me  got back into the Land of Mana.
Even though Mave pre-ordered Diablo III he decided to rather help me with Secret of Mana, so a big thanks go out to him.

We made really good progress until (during a boss fight) Mave decided that healing others is boring and Cups of Wishes are overrated. Hilarity ensued, we got wiped and lost about   1 hour of progress because I forgot to save. (Video Highlight)
The whole session can be found here!

More Secret of Mana tonight! (when this post is roughly 3 hours old)

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One Response to Streaming secret of Mana Part2

  1. Akds says:

    damn that fail of mave was amazing XD

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