I’m back!

I finally made it back to twitch.tv! To get started again I played some random games like Desktop Dungeons, Dust and for the most part, Volgarr the Viking. Be warned, a lot of cursing is involved.

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X-COM: Enemy Unknown stats

Here are the stats of the best soldiers right before our final trip to Mars. (Many died up there but I decided to take the snapshot from before that happened)

(It’s a shame that we didn’t train most of the psionically strong guys)

Here’s the complete spreadsheet with all soldiers in the endgame

Tonight I’ll probably stream some more Terror from the Deep and as many episodes of The Walking Dead as I can, so stay tuned!

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Upcoming game(s)

Puh… no update in 3 months, I sure am lazy!

Now that I’m pretty much done with X-COM: Ufo Defense I have several games which I wanna stream next:


X-Com: Terror from the Deep


I will probably play through all of them at some point, but it’s up to you to decide which game comes first!


What game should Helloteam stream next ?

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( It is likely that I’ll be doing a The Walking Dead Marathon this weekend, stay tuned! )

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Streaming The Walking Dead episode2

Done! My cast of Episode2 can be found here (2 hours long)

This game gets better and better, can’t wait for the next episode!


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Padlight is a tool to visualize controller input on screen, i made a skin for it to use it while playing Super Metroid (redesign).



You can download Padlight here. (Skin included)


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Recent Streams

I got a bit too lazy to update the blog every time I turn on my Stream so here are some of the games i recently played:


Lone Survivor, a 2D survival-horror game inspired by the Silent Hill series.


All Metal Slug games, a famous arcade shoot em up. (all 6 games)

Part1 Part2 Part3

Secret of Evermore, a heavily underrated SNES RPG made by the U.S. Square team. Definitely one of my all-time favorite games!

Part1 (Prehestorica)
Part2 (Antiqua Trading, Halls of Collosia and the Pyramid)
Part3 (Finishing the game- Antiqua, Gothica and Space)


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Streaming Seiken Densetsu 3

Yesterday I started playing Seiken Densetsu 3 (a.k.a Secret of Mana 2) , it was never released outside of Japan so i had to use a fan-made romhack.

For the second half I luckily was joined by AKDS (check out his Stream!)  and together we made it to the first Class-advancement.

Part2 (Coop with AKDS)

There’s still lots to be done and I also still have to finish Secret of Mana 1, so stay tuned!

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Streaming Secret of Mana Part3

On Tuesday i did part3 of my Secret of Mana play-through, watch it here.

Because Mave was busy playing Diablo III i was joined by wanderingmystic who took control of the sprite. (Damn that guy loves his magic.)
We finished the Golden Tower, the Test of Courage and tackled most of the Mana palace. Thanks to Wanderingmystic for helping me out!

The next Secret of Mana 1 stream will probably conclude the game, let’s see who will join me this time!

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Streaming secret of Mana Part2

While millions of European Diablo III owners tried to login into Battle.net to no avail, Mave and me  got back into the Land of Mana.
Even though Mave pre-ordered Diablo III he decided to rather help me with Secret of Mana, so a big thanks go out to him.

We made really good progress until (during a boss fight) Mave decided that healing others is boring and Cups of Wishes are overrated. Hilarity ensued, we got wiped and lost about   1 hour of progress because I forgot to save. (Video Highlight)
The whole session can be found here!

More Secret of Mana tonight! (when this post is roughly 3 hours old)

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Streaming Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2)

Yesterday we tackled the first part of Secret of Mana, one of my childhood favorites. Shoutout to Mavez0r for playing along with me for 6 hours non stop! (We used Znes’ Netplay functionality which worked perfectly)

The video can be found here

There’s still a lot more to be done until we can save the Mana Kingdom. Hopefuly Mavez0r won’t be too busy with Diablo III and will join me as my sidekick once again! Failing that I will invite viewers to join me.

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